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Top Ten Fighter Jets in the World

Modern world warplanes play a vital role in the battlefield. Since World War 2 with the launch of the P51 Mustang, the United States has strongly emphasized air domination. If you can control the air, then you have the power to control the floor. The world’s best fighter jets are built using the latest technology and advanced technology in addition to having equally trained pilots. The United States Air Force is more experienced, than any other country, because it has the financial resources to ignite those jets and to recruit pilots. Japanese and Western European pilots are also receiving extensive training. Russian pilots are among the best in the world, but financial resources are preventing them from getting the most out of their training. The Chinese provide additional training to their top pilots, such as those who drive their advanced J-10 jets.

For this reason, many factors are used to determine the world’s top fighter jets. Let’s shoot and start counting down the Top Ten Fighter Jets in the World.

10. F-18 (USA)

F-18 Super Hornet designed and manufactured by the US has the following features:

• Top speed: 1,190 mph or 1,900km / hr at an altitude of 40,000 ft or 12,190 m

• It has a distance of 1,275 nmi or 2,346 km without refueling

• It has a range of 2,070 mi or 3,330 km

• It has a combat range of 449 mi or 722 km on the defense equipment

• The service roof is 50,000+ ft or 15,000 + m

• Thrust is 0.93

• Wing load is 453kg / m2

9. J-10 (China)

China’s J-10 forms part of the world’s leading military aircraft. It has the following features:

• Maximum Mach 1.2 speed at sea level and Mach 1.9 cruising at altitude

• 2,540km or 1,370nmi combat radius for low-level travel and 1,310km or 710nmi for low-altitude travel (these figures include 4,000lb or 1,814kg for dual arrows and bomb load)

• Maximum distance: 3,400km or 2,113mi without refueling

• Wing load is 335 kg / m2

• Service roof is 18,000m or 59,055ft

8. Rafale (France)

French Rafale comes at 8 with the following features:

• High speed: Mach 2 or 1,290 knots have high speeds and knots 750 or 1,390km / hr at low speeds.

• The combat radius is 1,852 + km or 1,000+ nmi at the time of entry

• Distance 3,700km or 2,000nmi

• Service roof is 16,800m or 55,000ft

• Wing load is 326kg / m2

• Thrust is 1.13

7. F-16 E (USA)

The F-16 comes in 7 with the following features:

• Maximum speed at low altitude is Mach 1.2 or 1,470km / hr and high speed Mach 2+ or 2,414km / hr

• Fighting radius: 550km or 295nm on low-maintenance equipment and 450kg bomb load

• Service roof: 18,000 + m or 60,000+ ft

• Boat distance: 4,220km or 2,280nm

• Elevation rate: 254m / s

• Trust: 1.095

• Wide loading: 430kg / m2

6. Mig 35 (Russia)

Of the 6 best fighter jets in the world, there are Russian-made MIG-35s.

• Maximum speed: Mach 2.25 or 2,400km / hr

• Distance: 1,240mi or 2,000km

• Service roof: 57,400ft or 17,500m

• Boat distance: 1,930mi or 3,100km carrying 3 fuel tanks

• Elevation rate: 65,000ft / min or 330m / s

• Thrust is 1.03

5. Su 27 (Russia)

Another Soviet product in 5, the Su-27 has the following features:

• Maximum speed: Mach 2.35 or 2,500km / hr

• High distance: 3,530km; at sea level 1,340km

• Rise rate: 64,000ft / min or 300m / s

• Service roof: 62,523ft or 18,500m

• Wing load is 371kg / m2

• Trust: 1.09

4. F-15 Eagle (USA)

The F-15 fighter jet has the following features:

• High speed: Mach 2.5+ or 2,660 + km / hr at high altitude and Mach 1.2 or 1,450 at low altitude

• Boat distance: 5,550km and three additional fuel tanks to the official tank.

• Combat radius: 1,967km for preventive missions

• Service roof: 20,000m or 65,000ft

• Wing load: 358kg / m2

• Elevation rate: 254m / s

• Trust: 1.30

3. Su 35 (Russia)

In third place is the Russian-made Su-35 with the following features:

• Maximum speed: 2,410km / h or Mach 2.25

• Boat distance: 2,430nmi or 4,500km

• Distance is 3,600km or 1,580km on low ground

• Service roof: 59,100ft or 18,000m

• Wide loading: 84.9lb / ft2

• Rise rate: 55,100ft / min

o Trust: 1.14

2. Euro-fighter hurricane (Germany, UK, Italy and Spain)

The list could not be complete without Europeans in the sky. The second Euro-fighter among the world’s leading fighter jets has the following features:

• Top speed: Mach 2+ or 2,495km / hr at altitude; Mach 1.2 or 1,470km / h at low altitude; March 1.1 in supercruise

• Fighting radius:

o Low ground invasion: 601km

o Attack on low altitude: 1,389km

• Distance is 2,900km

• Boat distance: 2,300mi or 3,790km

• Elevation rate: 62,000ft / min or 315m / s

• Service roof: 65,000ft or 19,810m

• Wing load is 63lb / ft2 or 307kg / m2

1. F-22 Raptor (US)

At the top of the world’s leading fighter jets is the F-22 Raptor. This last weapon was designed and designed for the US Air Force. Includes the following features:

• Top speed: Mach 2.25 or 2,410km / hr at altitude; Mach 1.82 or 1,963km / h at supercruise

• Fighting radius: 759km or 410nmi

• Service roof: 19,812m or 65,000ft

• Boat distance: 3,219km or 1,738nmi

• Wide loading: 375kg / m2

• Trust: 1.08

o 1.26 with 50% fuel and loaded weight

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