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Top Ten Best Animated Movies Of All Time

In this article we will find out All Time favorite Top Ten Best Animated Movies.

There are so many animated movies to look forward to that it surely was hard to build this list. The world of animation has always made us be a part of their stories. Whether a dramatic scene or an action flick, these movies have never given the people a disappointment. And why not, these movies have earned huge sums after their release and are still watched with full interest after so many years of their release.

Let’s look at the top ten best animated movies of all time.

10. Wall E

This movie tells us the dramatic story of robots. The innovative idea to create the movie is terrific. Nobody could have shown that robots can also be depicted to show affection. The movie has so much to say without many dialogues. And it surely has mesmerized the audience with its work.

9. The Croods

The Croods was a project that has to be brought up in the animation world with a risk. And we are glad to have this risky project become a success. The movie was so much loved by the audience that it got up in the top ten best animated movies of all time lists. The stars who gave the voices for the various characters have made them (characters) come to life.

8. Monsters Inc

This animated comedy had been quite entertaining to watch. The movie was so likeable that many companies had already started selling various ranges of toys based on the movie. A whole new world of monsters, as told in the movie was a unique approach to show the world how innovative movies can be. Top ten best animated movies of all time have been given the privilege to add this in the list.

7. Finding Nemo

Who isn’t familiar with this awesome movie? A clown fish travelling from his cozy and protected home in one corner of the ocean to save his only son in the other corner of the ocean world. the story has so many dramatic and motivational moments that anyone watching it could become a fan the animated movies. The top ten best animated movies of all time get the 7th spot for this spell binding classic Finding Nemo.

6. Toy Story 3

The movie is the last instalment in the toy story series. Like all the previous parts this has also shown its entertaining and dramatic approach. The characters of this movie have all been admired for their roles and have since been a leading franchise in the animated film industry.

5. Beauty and The Beast

This movie had created its own cult following since its release in the year 1991. Based on the children’s story book the movie came out under the Disney banner of productions. The work was a coup that eventually achieved popularity among children and adults alike. This romantic animation feature has given millions of tears from the emotional ones and has always entertained them.

4. Toy Story

The toy story movies have been one of the most anticipated franchises of all time. With over a billion dollars worth of sales, the movie has shown its mindboggling animation with an alluring story. This movie is based on a world of toys which are all alive and need the love of the children who own them. A very beautiful message of friendship and loyalty towards your friends has been given in these movies. Top ten best animated movies of all time would never have been complete without this masterpiece.

3. Spirited Away

The most successful Japanese animated movie of all time, Spirited Away has been considered to provide the most mindboggling story. Even the graphics have been admired by critics and fans alike. To understand the movie better try to watch it and see how you get submerged in its story and the genre. This movie has given everything that takes to be placed in the best animated movies of all time charts.

2. The Lion King

Lion King has been so adorable. Ask anyone who watches animated movies and you will find every second person taking the name of this movie. A perfect family package for entertainment, the lion king has given all that a successful movie needs. Its animation also suits its genre which makes it more emotional.

1. Despicable Me 2

When the first part of the Despicable me was released the people loved it. And when Despicable Me 2 came out people were already so anticipated to watch the movie because of its loose ends. They were so much engulfed in this awesome world of the movie that there were already show bookings before its release. Despicable Me 2 has delivered everything that an animated movie can give and therefore it deserves the number one spot on the list of the top ten best animated movies of all time.

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