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Top 10 Most powerful Villain of Marvel universe

Without the villain in the story, the story will be boring. Marvel world has always maintained its reputation by giving a story that powerful and intimidating criminals can find to keep viewers at the edge of their seats. So who is the most powerful?

Check out the 10 most powerful criminals in the Marvel universe who have succeeded in leaving a lasting impression on the minds of Marvel fans.

10. Modok

This giant villain was designed as the most intelligent being for computic. Things took a turn for the worse when he was ambitious and killed his creators. His superior wisdom is his most powerful weapon; can compile and store large data files in a short period of time. This gives him an awesome ability to solve problems. He also has the ability to control people and create energy fields that help him survive small explosions. Modok is wearing a headband that allows him to focus his mental energy into a powerful beam. His head grew very large in his body due to genetic mutations, he had to use an exoskeleton and a special chair. He also has his own army.

9. Mephisto

Mephisto first appeared in some mysterious works in 1968, also known as Satan or Lucifer. He rules over a burning hell known as Hades. He is immortal and has supernatural powers. Mephisto is somehow less well-known as his skills are not well defined. Some of his known strengths include fluctuations in shape and size, deceptive ideas, time shifts, and deceptive memory. He is very resistant to harm as he is motivated by evil deeds in the public realm. He makes agreements and gains souls when the victim gives him their consent often unwillingly.

8. Mystique

Mystic has the ability to adapt by changing the atoms of his body to replicate anything including color, clothing, voice and even fingerprints. This means that she cannot grow old, be injured and that drugs and toxins do not affect her. Mystique has a great ability to fight, a great actor, a marker and a strategist. Mystique gained strength when exposed to intense radiation, which gave him the ability to grow wings, see at night, and even move his limbs to avoid injury. He is known for interfering with S.H.I.E.L.D. ambassadors for the fight for his nation. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to connect with the background.

7. Ultron

Ultron is committed to the eradication of humanity, including his father. Ultron is a smart synthetic machine and its body is made of immortal adamantium. It has the benefit of improving and transforming the body. His abilities change throughout the physical development. His skills range from mind control, and to the organization of other machines, thus being able to control them. He can control hundreds or thousands of these machines at once. Ultron chooses to work alone and is a decent villain as powerful heroes will never really win.

6. Green Goblin

The Green Goblin is also counted among Spiderman’s greatest enemy. He may have started out with great power in his first appearance, but in later appearances, he has superhuman strength due to the Goblin formula. He has speed, a speed of healing, and endurance in battle. He has also improved his intelligence, but this has come with a price, his intelligence, which can be temporarily achieved through chemical-based scars. At his best, the Green Goblin is a cunning businessman and a powerful strategist. He is very gifted in the natural sciences that explains the complexity of his strange machines.

5. Magneto

He is a great villain with the power to be beautiful, but he is always overcome by his inner rage by walking a very long way. He can destroy even the most powerful superhero with his ability to control ferrous and non-ferrous elements. His main task is to transform mutant species into domesticated human beings as mutations are high. He also has the ability to transform invisible things and rearrange things to make X-men bigger. He is able to withstand many telepathic attacks because of his subtle telepathic powers, developed by advanced technology installed in his helmet. It is amazing how he can assemble a complete machine in seconds using his power.

4. Loki

Loki has a reputation for being a troublemaker, but that’s just his nature as he is a God of lies and evil. He never participates in real battles or the consequences of his deception but chooses to look away. He is one of the most powerful magicians in the world of magic. Her witchcraft enables her to perform many tasks such as hypnosis, telepathy, teleportation and shapeshifting. Loki can reattach his amputated limbs into battle, including his head.

3. Doctor Doom

Dr. Doom’s source of power is very disturbing as he surrenders his wife to the demons for power. The demons tore him to pieces and made him special protection on his skin. Drs. Doom is always prepared for anything; he even has a time machine that he uses to waste the past. Doom’s unique ability is that he can exchange minds with others. By teaching them the mysterious art, he can ask for help from mysterious organizations. He believes that he is the wisest man in the universe and that he can do everything he can to demonstrate his rulership. Suppose he never accepted defeat.

2. Galactus

Galactus is an amazing giant that devours planets. Galactus appeared in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. He is omniscient and possesses infinite cosmic power. He can teleport himself and other things. This makes it very difficult for him to win the battle of the hands. He has been defeated many times, but he is always restored to full strength. A lot of controversy has arisen over who Galactus and Thanos are.

1. Thanos

Thanos first appeared in Iron Man, a strategist and armed with advanced technological know-how and mysterious knowledge unknown in this world. He has superhuman strength, endurance in battle as his skin is almost indestructible. He can survive heat, extreme cold, surgery, poisoning, aging and even disease. Perhaps the main reason Thanos got his first place was because he had a curse that made him live an immortal life and that is why he would not die. He is also an expert in telepathy and telekinesis. His mind and hands could produce sonic explosions of power, inflicting heavy casualties on his enemies.

The question of who is the most powerful has always been debated as everyone has his own ideas. There is no set aside to help organize this list of the 14 most powerful criminals in the universe. It is simply a matter of observation and research

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