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Top 10 Most Mysterious Island

When it comes to places around the world, most of them are now known. The increasingly small world in which we live due to air travel and the internet means that there are no secret islands left to be seen. Yet that doesn’t mean they aren’t! You may be surprised to learn that there are still piles of sand and sea that remain mysterious for a variety of reasons. Some have been dumped so far away that they are in an undisclosed location while others are secluded islands with government buildings.

We look at ten of the most interesting islands in the world today.

10 – Isla Bermeja

The island, about 50 miles [80 km] inland, was once off the coast of Mexico but has since disappeared from the air! Isla Bermeja would have been a far cry from the Mexican border to the West if discovered but now it has changed because it is disappearing. This has meant that the territorial border is occupied by the Alacranes Islands and Mexico is unable to extend its borders as planned! But what happened to Isla Bermeja?

Pure truth no one is really sure! It was first shown on maps of the Yucatan coast along the 1700’s and since then efforts have been made to locate it. The Mexican Navy ship in 1997 was the first to look closely but did not find a clue where it should be. Many believe that it was sinking or sinking mysteriously as a result of the earthquake, with some saying that the United States had exploded to stop the expansion of Mexico!

09 – Vozrozhdeniya Island

This mysterious island was once discovered in the Aral Sea and was selected in the 1920’s by Soviet Soviet Union in the 1920’s for biological weapons testing! The Soviet authorities at the time needed an outpost to conduct research and Vozrozhdeniya was ready! Since no one nearby is going to specify what is happening, provide a convenient location for use.

Up to 1500 workers settled on the island to work and live in a high standard. The Soviets developed and tested fearsome weapons there such as anthrax, smallpox, and tularemia for military use. So, what happened to it? The Aral Sea dried up, which meant that it was no longer an island off the coast! The Soviets buried or burned biological weapons there to avoid detection and stabbing.

08 – Earthquake Island

The island makes a list of how it came to be mysterious in the world! Many will remember the great earthquake that struck Pakistan in 2013 that killed 39 people. Unknown to many, a similar quake also created a whole new island! It was not on any of the maps before and scientists believe that violent forces are involved, creating. Measuring 100 feet [100 m] by 30 feet [9 m], it is a marvel of nature in many ways. Scientists believe that the massive force exerted by the earthquake shattered the earth and forced some to move, thus creating an island.

07 – Magic Island

If you like your sci-fi this is the island you will enjoy! NASA boffins have been studying what is happening up to the stars above us. One of the planets they are keeping an eye on is Saturn and its many moons. When analyzing the latest satellite imagery submitted for review, NASA scientists realized that a new island was created on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. This was great news as it was the first time that a new world had been discovered, leaving many wondering what was really built. It is very small, measuring 20 miles by 10 miles but is surprisingly accessible. The island is located on one of Titan’s oceans, but the NASA boys say they will not know the fullness of the earth until they can float a boat there to investigate.

06 – Bannerman Island

The next island people wonder about is the one that received a half-hour boat ride from New York. Originally known as Pollopel Island, businessman Frank Bannerman VI brought it there to store his huge military equipment. Bannerman had purchased old civil war gears from the US government at the end of the conflict and intended to use the island to preserve everything.

Renaming the island after his own name in 1900, Bannerman built a fortress on his residence and his armory. When Bannerman died in 1918, the work on the island came to an end and it soon collapsed. It was closed long after this but has just reopened in 2017 for anyone looking for a nap in this unusual place.

05 – Socotra Island

Surrounded by fresh water, the island is truly unique. Located off the coast of Yemen, it looks like an unknown planet due to the many rare plants found there. It is estimated that one third of the plant life here is not found anywhere else on earth. As a result, 70% of the island is protected under the law for future generations. The cause of this strange plant life is thought to be the dry climate and high temperatures observed on the island.

Many rare animals are found here including the Dragons Blood Tree. The milk of this tree is bright red and the leaves only grow on the tips of its branches. It is not just the plants that people come to see – the island is home to bat colonies and huge limestone caves that you should check out if you are brave!

04 – Diego Garcia

This amazing tropical island has long been the subject of rumors and suspicions. Originally the home of the Chagossia, it was forcibly relocated in 1968 so that the USA could build a military base on the island. It is covered in dense jungle and has amazing beaches, located in a strategic military base. Located between East Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia, it allows the US to blow from the air in many of the world’s most important places.

It is also rumored to be using the island as a secret US prison camp but this has been widely denied by the US government. What is known is that the island needs a high level of security to enter so it does not belong to your regular visitors.

03 – Floating Eye Island

Founded by filmmaker Sergio Neuspiller in 2016, this is probably the most interesting new island on our list. Located near Buenos Aires in Argentina, it is in a state of almost complete circulation with a waterway on one side. This has made it look like a human eye, which is why the islands are called nicknames. It is thought that orbiting its axis would be the most amazing thing in the universe! It was such a joy that Neuspiller, decided to make a film about the island to tell people about it.

02 – Partridge Island

The island is located near Canada, off the coast of Saint John’s harbor. It has been officially banned from the public domain since 1941, taking its toll as many wonder what it is used for. When it opened, it was the official detention center for immigrants seeking to enter Canada. To prevent any infectious diseases such as smallpox entering the country, Canadian authorities allow all immigrants to stay on the island for a period of time before entering Canada. Any who died were buried on the island with rumors that a mass grave had been used at one time.

01 – Easter Island

Most people will know this from the famous sculptures found on the island itself. There are many mysteries around them and what the indigenous people, the Rapa Nui, experience when they are with people. It is thought that they were a group of farmers who designed and distributed large statues of themselves in the 1770’s. The biggest question is what happened to the Rapa Nui? Researchers now think that the aggressors are more likely to be kidnapped by the invaders and sold as slaves while the few that remain die of old age or disease. This left the island uninhabited and a real mystery until recently.

There are many places in the world that still hold secrets or mysteries as most of the above do. No matter what happens now or what happened in the past, they all seem to have a lot to talk about. Next time you wish to go somewhere different on vacation, why not give me a jump on the island ?! That is, if you are allowed in them!

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