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Top 10 Most Expensive Pens in World

Pens are the most important thing in everyone’s life as these are the basic needs of life. They help people to get an education and later in life make important life decisions. Everyone in this world should use pens in their lives. There are many pens around the world used by people, but some of them are very expensive because of their decoration and their features. The most expensive pens in the world will provide comfort to people who are aware of that. People who are aware of their social status choose not only to keep expensive cars, houses but also expensive pens. Some people are aware of their writing and want good writing in which they are willing to spend even millions. Especially the best expensive pens in the world are sold at auction because of their high prices. These expensive pens are accessible only to the rich, not everyone. It is said that a person’s writing reflects his emotions.

The following are the world’s top 10 pennies:

10. Crew 60th White Gold Tebaldi pen source:

Tebaldi 60th is a magnificent fenced area that marks history. It is made by the famous automotive company Bentley in partnership with the famous Italian company that creates folders. This expensive Bentley enclosure is made of 18K gold, and its nib is also made of that. The completion of this kraal was done almost like Bentley to be integrated with its cars. The cap of this wrap is also made of expensive materials and holds up well. The space of the enclosure is clear so you can see the ink inside it. It also has a tebaldis signature on it. It is made in such a limited amount that about 80 pens are made. Its price was almost $ 43,000.

9. Gaia High Luxury Omas Fountain Pens:

The Gaia barn was made by Omas, an excellent herd of sheep. The inner part of the pen is covered with 18K gold, and the inner part shows the curiosity, curiosity of the man in the world. This walled area is adorned with precious crystals, white gold and much more to make it more beautiful and unique in the world. It is made of a dark gray color associated with the interior of the earth. It also has a drawing of plants, spiders, and other objects as well. It is also the most beautiful pen in the world. The price for this item is about $ 43,000.

8. Marte Omas Fountain Pen:

Marte Omas is a personalized product. It provides not only the best source material but also the roller coaster pen and many other pens. It is made of gold and is a map of Mars. This beautiful product combines various natural beauties such as mountains, deserts, etc .; It is also fitted with precious rubies to enhance its appearance and make it more attractive. The helmet of this product is made of diamonds which makes it very expensive. Only 30 pennies of this model were made by a company that was bought by the wealthy or listed by the world’s most recognizable people. The price of this product is $ 43,000.

7. Visconti the Forbidden City H.R.H Fountain pen:

Visconti is a true symbol of luxury and style too. It is the most beautiful and intelligent in the world. It is made with a limited edition and is packed with gold and 18K diamonds in it to increase its price. It also has an internal ink filling system that makes it easy for the human user. The price of this excellent product is $ 50,500. The design of this product is very different and attractive too.

6. Visconti Alchemy H.R.H Fountain Pens:

This fold by Visconti model is very beautiful and elegant as well. This beautiful product has two nibs and has an internal ink storage space for filling the ink. It is also enriched with precious metals like gold and silver. The nibs of this product are made of 18K gold and offer a variety of writing styles. The design of this article is very rich and classic. It is also decorated with diamonds and rubies. Its cap is also very attractive made of gold and silver to give it a perfect luxury touch. The price of this product is approximately $ 57,000.

5. Visconti Ripple H.R.H Fountain pen:

Visconti Ripple is the most beautiful and luxurious pen in the world. It is a limited pen with a limited number of pens. It contains gold and 18K diamonds in it. Two-tone pen with 18K nib too. The price of this penny is about $ 57,000. In this pen, the pool for filling the ink is doubled to make it easier for people. It was sold in two main colors black and gold as well.

4. Omas Phoenix Platinum Fountain Pen Luxury Limited Edition with diamonds:

It is an excellent cone-shaped wrap that is the perfect combination of luxury and the world’s perfect writing pen. It is made of very expensive platinum. The nib of this pen is also made of 18K gold. The design of this pen is very beautiful and endearing to people. The price of this product is about $ 60,000.

3. La Modernista Diamonds Caran d’che:

This luxurious pen was developed by a famous Swiss company called Caran dAche about 1999. This beautiful pen was sold to Harrods for a whopping $ 265,000 which was also listed as the world’s most expensive Guinness World pen in 2001. It is made of expensive materials and covered with silver. The nib of this pen is made of 18K gold and is studded with diamonds and rubies. Made by a famous jewelry maker named Robert Perron.

2. Mystery Masterpiece Mont Blanc & Van Cleef & Arpels edition limited:

This pen was made by two famous companies Mont Blanc and Van Cleef, the only ones who worked together to make this luxurious pen. Made with a limited edition. It was in three stages with special features such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires as well. All of these valuables have increased the design and price of this pen. The price for this penny is about $ 730,000.

1. Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen:

Aurora Diamante is considered to be the most expensive and best written tool in the world. It is very limited and sells only one pen in the world. It has 30K diamonds in it to increase its price. It is a two-tone pen, and its nib is made of 18K gold and is best kept in a jacket. The price of this expensive pen is $ 1,470,600.

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