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Top 10 Greatest Classic Bollywood Films of All Time

Lots of Bollywood classical movies had been scored and ranked across a number of dimensions of Bollywood cinema. Including story, direction, performances, musical composition, in addition to cultural effect and legacy. We included Hindi-language movies made between the interval of 1953-1969 on our list of the best classic Bollywood movies ever made. Some on the record are beloved favorites of the industry, whereas others might surprise you.

Among the many winners are directors Guru Dutt, Bimal Roy, and Raj Kapoor–names synonymous with masterpiece Indian cinema–each with a number of movies amongst Bollywood’s all-time greatest. At all times wondered why a couple of young Harvard students like us love old Indian movies so passionately? It doesn’t matter what you suppose you know about Bollywood, the films on this list will change your understanding of Indian movies like by no means earlier than. From village epics that grapple with our national identity to the nostalgic poetry of sudden disillusionment, classic Bollywood films transport us from the enchanting glamour of Bombay nightlife to the majestic gardens of Kashmir. They carry our souls by means of hardship and loss and revive our spirits with redemption. Here, is the list of Bollywood classic Films of all time-

Top 10 Greatest Classic Bollywood Films:

1. Pyaasa 1957

pyaasa movie 1957

Pyaasa, or “thirst,” is the story of one man seeks for compassion within the chilly cynicism of post-independence Indian society. Vijay is an unpublished poet, dismissed by his family and scorned by socialites and his colleagues. After befriending a prostitute who shelters him, Vijay is believed useless and his poetry “posthumously” lionized. He turns into an in a single day sensation, mourned by fans throughout the nation, and the true Vijay is labeled an imposter. India entered its golden age of filmmaking within the 1950s when its long-awaited freedom from England and the hopes of a new government created a social tinderbox of great expectations and disillusionment. Pioneering the strategy of using tune lyrics as direct extensions of the movie’s dialogue, Guru Dutt because the writer-producer-director-star paints a stirring portrait of the commodification of humanity.

2. Mughal-e-Azam 1961


At the turn of the 17th century, Prince Salim falls in love with the court dancer Anarkali and wages battle towards his own father, Emperor Akbar, with a purpose to marry her. Director was K. Asif’s monumental solid, opulent units, intricately designed costumes and extravagantly staged battle scenes made the movie the costliest ever produced in India at the time. However regardless of all of the grandeur, the movie has a warm heart, and the hazards of the romance between Salim and Anarkali are infused into every look they share. Though the love story is the spine of the movie, it’s Emperor Akbar, from whom the movie derives its identity (“the Great Mughal”), who takes heart stage as he’s torn between love for his sole son and the unforgiving demands of the Mughal Empire. Each line of dialogue is written with the ornamentation of poetry, casting a magnificence to Mughal-e Azam‘s thunderous energy.

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3. Pakeezah 1971

classic movie Pakeezah

Within the grandeur of Muslim Lucknow at the turn of the century, Pakeezah is a courtesan and dancer who desires of leaving her life behind when a stranger falls in love along with her in a prepare compartment, not understanding her true career. With swirling romanticism and languid, dream-like cinematography, Pakeezah immediately turned some of the extraordinary musicals ever made. Perfectionist director Kamal Amrohi, who additionally wrote the script and a few of the lyrics, successfully transports the viewer right into a wistful age of bygone formality and luxurious. Every of Pakeezah‘s standard semi-classical songs illustrates the duality of a courtesan’s poetry, directly glamorizing the frilly rituals of affection and destroying the establishments that upheld them.

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4. Mother India 1957

Movie Mother India

With tragedy strikes her household, newlywed village belle Radha is set to climate a crucible of social and private adversities without compromising her honor. In doing so, she reinvents herself as a heavy-handed image of India’s personal pleasure as a historical tradition and a new democracy. A defining movie within the historical past of Bollywood, director Mehboob Khan’s iconic Mother India set the sample for the greater than 60 years of Bollywood movie that adopted it. A mythologization of conventional values and an homage to the fantastic thing about Indian heritage, Mother India‘s unabashedly epic glorification of self-sacrifice and feminine empowerment was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 1958.

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5. Guide 1965

Guide 1965

A corrupt businessman is remodeled right into a spiritual guide after a misunderstanding that results in his idolization by a village besieged by drought. Based on the R.K. Narayan novel of the same identity and bolstered by a surprising soundtrack, Guide explores a basic Vedic Transformation from materialism to a release from worldly attachments in a particularly unlikely hero. A scandalous love story settles into the background as director Vijay Anand boldly deconstructs social taboos, from adultery and non-traditional gender roles to non-secular fraud, in a movie that stirringly evolves right into a philosophical awakening better than the circumstances it portrays–a superb reflection of the double entendre meant by its title.

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6. Kaaghaz Ke Phool 1959

Kaaghaz Ke Phool 1959

Within the 1950s on the peak of India’s golden age of film-making, a celebrated film director feels uninspired by the tinsel-lined glitz of studio period Bollywood. When he discovers a new actress, innocent to the corruption of the industry, he believes he has discovered a muse to ease his restlessness. An elegiac behind-the-scenes movie about film-making, Kaaghaz Ke Phool turned a cult classic following the eerie semi-autobiographical demise of its director Guru Dutt. Trapped in a world of pretense, Guru Dutt illustrates a type of craving that softly and slowly erodes the soul–a determined hunt for a human connection. The true triumph is within the movie’s beautiful camerawork, gracefully gliding by means of the empty studio units like a ravishing specter of Dutt’s own shattered needs.

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7. Awaara 1951

Awaara movie

A female lawyer is set to prove her lover’s innocence in a homicide try on the lifetime of a revered judge. Structured in medias res, the movie’s flashback reveals the injustice of her lover’s previous when the very choose who condemns him proves to be his personal father: a person who threw his spouse onto the streets when he believed a prison had raped her. Echoing the darkish classes of the traditional Ramayana, Awaara shatters the character versus nurture debate with a showman’s aptitude and surrealist fantasy, together with the movie’s legendary dream sequence evoking a descent into Hell. Awaara launched Raj Kapoor’s well-known Chaplin-esque hero for the primary time, who resonated immensely throughout the Soviet Union and Communist China because of the voice of a brand new era.

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8. Sahib, Bibi, Aur Ghulam 1962

Sahib, Bibi, Aur Ghulam

Determined to save her marriage, the youthful daughter-in-law of a rich family sacrifices her ethical boundaries to win over her alcoholic husband. A nostalgic glimpse into the decaying Bengali feudal system, Sahib, Bibi, Aur Ghulam unravels a blinding murder thriller on the heart of its progressive view of societal redemption. Seen from the angle of a young factory employee lured right into a stately mansion as an ally of its young mistress, Sahib, Bibi, Aur Ghulam hauntingly opens the doorways to the hollowness of exterior splendor. Spiraling towards her will with the collapse of Calcutta’s landed aristocracy, Meena Kumari’s portrayal of the tormented spouse is eternally thought of among the most opulent on-screen performances of Bollywood historical past.

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9. Aradhana 1969

Aradhana 1969 movie

When her lover dies at war, an unwed mother provides up her son up for adoption, vowing to look at over him in secrecy as he grows up in the home of another. Her poignant worship, or Aradhana, of her lifeless fiancé and their son turned immortalized within the Indian cinematic psyche as an audacious battle of a conventional society confronted by altering modern values. Boasting one of many all-time greatest soundtracks of Indian cinema, Aradhana epitomizes the versatility and creativity of the period’s main music administrators. From the youthful romance of “Kora Kaagaz Tha” to the grim Bardic undertones of “Safal Hogi Teri Aradhana” to the notoriously seductive “Roop Tera Mastana,” the movie is as a lot remembered for its luminous performances as for exemplifying the golden age of Bollywood music.

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10. Do Bigha Zameen 1953

Do Bigha Zameen 1953

A farming family fights to save their ancestral land from a crafty mill owner. Do Bigha Zameen follows the father and son’s journey to Calcutta from their idyllic village to earn sufficient money to pay their debts–only to find the miseries of urban poverty as a substitute. Impressed by the work of Italian neorealism, Do Bigha Zameen pioneered early parallel cinema with a deliberate consideration to the “every day,” and the sensation of an invisible, unhurried camera whose shots and mise-en-scene are each fastidiously constructed and effortlessly fluid. Directed by Bengali auteur Bimal Roy, the movie’s nationalistic electrical energy hit broader viewers, turning into the first Indian movie to win the Prix Internationale at the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.

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