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Top 10 Dumbest and Stupidest Challenge on Internet

Some people will do anything for 15 minutes of fame, and the internet makes it easy to make a fool of themselves in the name of popularity. Incidents such as the Ice Bucket Challenge are harmless and raise money for good reasons, but some have proven to be extremely dangerous. Some have resulted in disability, imprisonment, and even death for those stupid enough to commit suicide.

10. The Fire Challange

The Fire Challenge was an online challange where people pour flamable liquid on parts of their bodies and burn it. They should have released it immediately, but naturally, such a feat put several children in the hospital for second and third burns.

9. The Condom-Snorting Challenge

The challenge of snorting a condom is exactly the same as it sounds — snorting an expanded condom through your nose. The idea is that it will come out the back of the nose, where it can be removed from the mouth. Youtubers used to do this for the sake of laughter, but it is actually very dangerous. The nasal cavity is sensitive, and can cause long-term damage with the condom and the chemical lubricants it might have on it. More importantly, as you inhale a long piece of plastic that extends into your lungs, it can easily pass through the nostrils into your lungs. 

8. Banana Sprite Challenge

The Banana Sprite Challenge is based on the claim that your body cannot digest bananas and Sprite at the same time. The claim, although unfounded, states that since your body cannot digest these two substances together, it will reject both, making you vomit. There are several YouTube videos of people trying to be challenged, and then cleaning up everything.

To be clear, vomiting is rarely caused by the indigestion of the Sprite-banana mixture, and probably a large amount of food and beverage challenge is required. The challenge is to eat two bananas as quickly as possible, and wrap up a liter of Sprite. Eating and drinking too fast can cause vomiting, no matter what the cause.

7. The Challenge of Salt and Ice

The Salt and Ice Challenge is a very dangerous internet phenomena where people (including children) have been adding salt and ice to their bodies. Mixing salt and ice triggers a chemical reaction that causes frostbite, and the challenge involves determining how long you can keep it in your body. The internet is full of pictures of second- and third-grade burns attacked by those who have tried the challenge. [4]

6. The Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge is to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon for in seconds without drinking anything. Sounds easy, but actually very difficult — and dangerous, according to doctors. The problem is that trying to consume so much cinnamon will create a gag reflex, causing you to inhale the cinnamon dust unintentionally.

This is not a problem in your stomach, but getting a caustic compound in your lungs can be dangerous. The cellulose cinnamon matrix is ​​also irreversible, which means that getting it out of your lungs would be a nightmare. A single challenge will probably not give you a “cinnamon lung,” but it can provoke asthma attacks, which can be dangerous for some people.

5. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie Jenner is a reality TV star known for her plump lips. Some teens have taken to enlarge their lips for a while with the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, where they put their lips and lips in a container, and then suck the air to create space. Lack of air pressure inside the suction vessel causes their lips to swell temporarily, creating a temporary appearance of large lips.

Unfortunately, this not only looks ridiculous, but it can be painful, damaging, and permanently destructive. Inflammation widens the blood vessels and can tear the delicate skin of the lips, causing bleeding.

4. Hot Pepper Challenge 

Although competitions for hot peppers are rare, some Youtuber users have had their own secret challenges to see if they can reduce the world’s hottest peppers. However, eating hot pepper can cause vomiting, respiratory problems, and other problems — which is exactly what happens to the 30 middle-school students who try to reduce it in their restaurant. The principle had to call for emergency, as another schedule the next day when 40 students included ghost peppers in their lunch.

3. 24 Hour Fort Challenge

The 24-Hour Fort Challenge is where someone makes a “Fort” in a supermarket where they can hide for 24 hours, evade security, and finally spend the night until it opens. The challenge seems harmless to the participants, so there are hundreds of YouTube posts from those who have accepted it. Hiding in a store after closing, however, is an escape. It can also lead to criminal cases being filed against the perpetrators. 

2. Hot Coil Challenge

Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone can create any kind of challenge they want, no matter how dangerous or dumb. A pair of Youtuber users have created a Hot Coil Challenge, in which they light their stove and press their forearm over the hot coils to withstand burns for as long as possible. Naturally, a member of the couple who pressed his arm against the hot coils injured themselves with 3 degrees, starring in a video full of insults. This challenge was so absurd that it was limited to YouTube for viewers over the age of 18.

1. Blue Whale Challenge

The worst “challenges” of the internet were probably the Blue Whale Challenge. It is alleged that it was the brainchild of Philipp Budeikin, who pleaded guilty to creating a challenge in 2017. His challenge included encouraging those who called themselves “biological waste” to end their lives.

The “challenge” involved finding those who agreed to perform 50 days of horrific acts of self-injury that resulted in suicide. It was also possible for participants to remove all evidence of the “Blue Whale Challenge” from their computers before performing the final action.

Budeikin was arrested after one of his participants left the ground near the final stages of the challenge and told police. He was arrested on charges of inciting 16 girls to commit suicide, and was later found guilty of two counts. Unfortunately, you are a belier

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