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Friday, February 3, 2023

10 Most Popular Pieces of Tech You Can Buy in 2021

There are wild tools and gadgets and gizmos on the market right now that were unruly dreams at the beginning of this century.

How many do you have?

10 – 8K televisions

8K resolution means 33.2 million pixels! Samsung and Sony both sell these pets for home entertainment.

You have never seen anything like this before, literally. But be careful. It is so small that it is shot in 8K so that you may have a TV left a few steps before the game.

09 – iPhone 13

Apple says the new iPhone 13 pro max can last up to 25 hours for a single charge! This phone is updated and has an amazing camera and lightning speed.

With a phone like this, you will need to look at iPhone 13 cases to protect your investment.

08 – VR

Virtual Reality is approaching the real side every day. The new Oculus tracks your movements so you can explore the world right in your living room.

For those on a budget, you can use your smartphone as a VR headset.

07 – Trackers

From Tile Bluetooth trackers to Apple’s new AirTag, you’ll never lose your keys again.

The technology is so advanced that it can point your device down to a few inches!

06 – Fitted Wearable Devices

Clothing is a positive influence on people’s health. By increasing participation and exercise, you are more likely to participate.

Fortunately, the new Fitbit lasts seven days for a single charge!

05 – Funky phones

You may have already heard of the folding smartphone from Samsung — but are you ready for the folding phone from LG?

Yes, with a scroll-like demonstration, replying to a message would be like reading Roman law!

04 – Disappearing Equipment

One of the great styles of the 2021 design is to hide all your used items. Is it a wardrobe? No, the refrigerator. Is that a pantry? No, the ice chest. Large, unsightly devices are now hidden behind beautiful decoration.

Seamless home technology looks great. Just let your guests know where snacks are hidden. 

03 – Smart glasses

New collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook has produced News. These smart shades come with speakers, voice activation, and a photo and video camera.

Will these glasses look better than Google Glass? Only time will tell.

02 – Electric trucks

The van is one of the most popular cars in America. And it becomes green. The start of the Rivian trucks will go on sale soon, and will put the competition out of the water.

01 – Top Drones

Unprecedented controls, video quality, and flexible lenses make modern drones stand out.

This year’s drones range from an 8.8oz Mavic mini mini (shooting in 4K!) To an FPV racing plane that spans 120 miles per hour.


Technology is moving very fast. If you don’t stop and pick it up, don’t miss it! These devices are the product of decades of new invention and are perfect for passionate people.

Who knows — he’ll probably add more to next year’s list!

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