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10 Most Chilling Horror Movies for Halloween

Every year there are special events that people around the world love to enjoy. Christmas once again became a big holiday, and that is what it still is for millions of people. Another annual event many countries like to celebrate in some way Halloween. With its scary feeling and a list of characters including witches, zombies and vampires, it is the time of year we all love to be feared.

As well as going to Halloween parties, many people like to sit down with something scary during this time of year. But what ten horror movies can you watch this Halloween season?

10 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Forget about all the redesigns, sequels and prequels this Halloween – the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre of 1974 is a must-see. Even if you are alone and someone knocks on your door and treats you, you might as well jump in! Such a notorious film needs a little introduction but for anyone who has never seen it – be prepared. It stands out in the family of hippies who hate meat hoops, bone marrow and sawmills. Full of blood and movement, he can still be shocked.

09 – The House of Devil

This is the most recent film of 2009 and shows that modern horror scenes are ready and scary for Halloween. For director Ti West, it cleverly mimics the look / feel of the horrors of the 1980s for a successful nostalgia shot. The main story follows a broken student Samantha who makes what appears at the beginning of Ulman’s simple child care work. Things are starting to look strange and he has to use his whole mind to survive what this strange couple has in store for him. Combining the horror of a slasher flick with the themes of a haunted house and a satanic panic, this keeps you engaged until the last shot.

08 – The Descent

Many people find Halloween to be a nightmare because of the monsters and creatures that dream up this time of year. So horror films are always worth a look when the end of October arrives. The Descent is a great decision and sees a group of women moving to North Carolina. Once there, they realize that they are not alone and that they are being hunted down by anything hidden underground. Although it is full of blood, this movie is very effective in jumping on the delivery. Released in 2005, it has a good imitation and keeps you hooked from the first shot.

07 – Twenty-Eight Days Later

If you like to scare the thought of zombies roaming the earth this Halloween, why not check out Danny Boyle’s Twenty-Eight Days Later? Written by top author Alex Garland, the performance between Cillian Murphy of Peaky Blinder is delightful. The story revolves around a mysterious virus that was accidentally released into the world, its rapid spread and the demise of society. Those who have not been infected remain in the race for survival and this fast-paced drama is a thrilling ride. Zombies for example are not slow moons – but quick killers! With good points and amazing visuals, he won.

06 – Friday 13th

The real horror old franchise you can get into if you dare to hang out on Friday The 13th movies. Although they got worse as the years went by, the first of the 1980s was a really cool movie. He plays with a memorable naughty young man in the form of mind-boggling hockey Jason Vorhees, centred around the newly opened Camp Crystal Lake. The troubled past has come back to haunt young counsellors. With some fictional death scenes, a truly terrifying vibe and sharp music, it is able to maintain high levels of scepticism at all times.

05 – Scream

The original 1996 Scream sounded like a new beginning for horror films and it was great to catch this Halloween. Starring Courtney Cox, a clever film that never speaks to its audience and plays horror episodes in a way that you know. And it makes people so scared to take calls when they are at home alone for so long! The film’s cover-up killer became a notorious villain and the first movie inevitably led to the sequel. This is the first one though it has a complete mix of scary, moving, jumping moments and doubts.

04 – Exorcist

If you are looking for movies that mimic the supernatural aspect of Halloween, then The Exorcist is still very expensive. Although it has been out for a long time but there is something in the game and in the atmosphere that makes you cold until you are quiet. Full of horror and horror, he tells a 12-year-old girl who is believed to be a devil. The ensuing battle between good and evil when father Karras appeared to be the epitome of film. If you have never seen this, it is a great Halloween game that will stay in your mind for days.

03 – Suspiria

Director Dario Argento has an old program list that would make our list of scary Halloween movies. Films like Inferno and Mother Tears came to mind as an example. Suspiria of 1977 though seems to be the obvious choice for its association with witchcraft. Starring Jessica Harper, the movie is based on the story of Thomas de Quincy and follows an American ballerina studying abroad in Germany. A series of disturbing killings though soon see him fearful of secret dangers and supernatural powers. A real feast for the senses, this is both an art gallery and a lot of fun.

02 – Halloween

In fact, any installment of this franchise is a good bet for movie entertainment when it comes to Halloween. The fact that they are all usually set during that time of year does not help at the end! The first one however is still the one who chose the team and saw John Carpenter make his mark. From the wandering camera work to the amazing music effect and the unforgettable bad guy Michael Myers, he really had everything a horror film needed for this time of year. If you add up the performance from Jamie Lee Curtis and the critical, suspicious situation, you can see why it stands out.

01 – A nightmare on Elm Street

This is another film with a bad reputation and one that shocked adults AND children unknowingly in the 1980s. So it is a fun and cool game to enjoy this Halloween. The story is about a traitor Freddie Krueger who was killed by the parents of children accused of sexually abusing them. Unhappy with his fate, Kreuger haunts his killer’s children’s dreams and kills them as they sleep. Wes Craven skillfully directs this classic and shows great awareness – we are never in greater danger than when we are asleep!

Halloween is a scary time of the year and we all secretly love to be scared. If you really want to get into the turn of the season, watching any of the above films is a good idea. Whether you are watching it alone or with friends, they are sure to put you in the best position this time of year.

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